I have been drawing or painting nearly my entire life. My colour blindness or more
accurately, my very limited ability to see colour was discovered in fifth grade to the
amusement of my classmates. I rely heavily on value and contrast in my images,
eventually learning to store the colours in my head rather than relying on my eye. A
common misconception is that I see in black and white, I see colour but only the
brightest hues register. Everyone comments on how bright my paintings are, but to
me, they seem normal. In the late 1970's I saw reproductions of Pre-Raphaelite
paintings in my English Lit book. Perhaps it was their exceptionally bright colours
that attracted me, but once I saw the work of Arthur Hughes, Dante Gabriel Rossetti
and particularly John William Waterhouse's 1888 version of The Lady of Shalott,
my course as an artist was forever set.

I have work in private collections in California, Colorado, Florida,Georgia, Indiana,
Illinois, Kentucky,Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee and
Texas. My work has been exhibited in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee.

I am a 1985 graduate of Berea College as a studio art major. I also admit to being
just old enough to being one of those kids who ran home from the school bus to
watch Dark Shadows. I am also a member of the Kentucky Antique Phonograph

I am a past president of the Lexington Art League 1995-1996 and was born in
Covington, Kentucky in 1962

Patrick Lynch