These are paintings of mine that have found loving homes. When I sell a painting, I tend to think of it
more as an adoption process. These are just a few of my paintings and collages scattered around the
United States.
collection of Susan Rummel, Cincinnati,
The Memory of Vanished Years  
collection of Dian Gilmore, Houston, Texas
The Harpsichordist,
collection of Irene Lambrou,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Music of Summer's Waning Day  
collection of Walter "Sonny" Sizemore,
Lexington, KY
The Warmth That Made My
Longing Heart Rejoice
collection of Douglas and Nancy
Hanna, Winchester, KY
collection of Jennifer
Murphy, Lexington,KY
The Embrace,
version two  
collection of Jennifer Cronin,
Scituate, Massachusetts
The Dream of the Summer
Gone Before,
collection of
Polly Singer Eardley,
Georgetown, KY
Portrait of a treasured friend
collection of Norma Hine,
Cynthiana, KY
I Hear You Calling Me,
collection of Brian Gorrell,
Lexington, KY
The Light of Other Days,
collecton of James Joesph,
Knoxville, TN
Jennifer By The Sea,
collection of Dienna Lehner
Scituate, Massachusetts
Thinking of you and all that was,
collection of Polly Eardley,
I Have Dreamed of Joy Departed ,
collection of Dan Gimbel,
Louisville, KY
private collection, Paris, KY
The Unexpected Echo of the
private collection, Lexington, KY
The Departure From Cameron Court
collection of John Van Meter, Lexington
I Keep My Soul In A Place Out of Sight
collection of Wendy Miller, Lexington,
My Soul Longs For Other
collection of Arthur Lawson
estate, Lexington, KY
collection of Arthur
Lawson estate,
Lexington, KY
A Touch That Lingers
collection of Kim Soper,
Lexington, KY
Portrait of Betsy Cotton
collection of Betsy Cotton,
Lexington, Kentucky
collection of Heather Castro,
Pennsylvania, USA
The Memory Haunted Heart
collection of Mike McIntosh, Versailles, KY
Of What In Other Worlds Shall Be
collection of Keith Eardley,
Georgetown, KY
The Lady of Shalott
collection of Andrea Dobson, Irvine, KY
The Concerto, collage
collection of Cliff and Malissa Sullivan, Lexington, KY
From Her Voice Came The Music of the Centuries, collage
collection of Heather Wingfield, Lexington, KY
From Forgotten Doors I Return
collection of Julie Garvin, Paris, KY
The Whisper of Stars
collection of Kathy Phillips,
Lexington, KY
A Memory of Kristen
collection of John Wardlow,
Lexington, KY
From Her My Thoughts Could Not
Turn Away
collection of Paul Gibson, Paris, KY
In Past Possession
collection of Todd Fisher, Pennsylvania, USA
The Dark Angel of Cameron Court
collection of Mary Lee McInnis, Pensacola, FL