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In the Collection Of:

This gallery features some of the work that has found homes. As I locate photos of the earlier work, they will appear in subsequent updates.

The Music of Summer's Waning Day
In The Ruins of Longing
Final Approach
For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her (portrait of Emily Anne Saderholm 1967-2021
All My Heart In This My Singing
On Wings Enchanted
So Far Away
Heart of Stars
The Night Rider
The Moon and Her Stars
The Unspoken Expectation
Final Approach
Waiting to Sing for You
To Recall The Life That Arose Before My Eyes
My Heart Wrecked, Whirling
In Between
The Final Piece of the Puzzle
A Strange Land
A Toast To Impossible Worlds
Concerto for Cello and Violin
I Now Know What I Must Do
Arrival at Cameron Court
Chanson D'Automne
The Distant Music of Your Voice
In a Kingdom By the Sea
The Moon Never Beams
I Know Now What I Must Do
A Dream of the Sea
The Memory Haunted Heart
From Her Voice Came The Music of the Centuries0001
Of What In Other Worlds Shall Be?
The Concerto
The Whisper of Stars
I Hear You Calling Me
The Memory of Vanished Years
In Past Possession
From Forgotten Doors I Return
A Memory of Kristen
A Dream of the Summer Gone Before
The Harpsichordist
I Keep My Soul In A Place Out of Sight
So I Was Led Backwards to Forgotten Things
The Warmth That Made My Longing Heart Rejoice
The Immutable Longing
The Door of Secrets
One With the Sea I Seem To Grow
The Light of Other Days
And I Should Grow At Last To Know I Was Dear To Thee
The Embrace (version two)
And Love Had No Need of Wings
In After Years, Shall He Remember How Dawn Had No Breeze Soft As Her Murmered Name?
Portrait of Betsy Cotton
Departure from Cameron Court
Full of Whispers and Mist
The Lady of Shalott
Jennifer By The Sea
A Knight Beautiful
Autumn Gathering
In Visions of the Dark Night
The Sisters
The Age of Gold
I Close The Door Upon Darkness
Every Joy That Befell Me
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